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What can the NSSR do for you?

A new academic year, also means a lot of new (sports) students. But what does the NSSR actually do and what can the NSSR do for you or your student sports association?

De Nijmeegse Studenten Sport Raad wil zich inzetten voor elke sportende student in Nijmegen! De NSSR is een van de grootste studentensportkoepels in Nederland en vertegenwoordigt 38 studentensportverenigingen (SSV’s) en ruim 20.000 RSC-kaarthouders. Wij willen de studentensportverenigingen en de individuele sporters in hun behoeften voorzien.

The NSSR is there for every sport student in Nijmegen! The NSSR is one of the biggest student sports organisations in the Netherlands and represents 38 student sports associations (SSVs) and over 20,000 RSC cardholders.

All kinds of fun activities are organised for RSC cardholders and the SSVs. These include a sports gala, tournaments, sports nights and a campus run. Want to keep up to date with us and our activities? Then follow our Instagram account (@nssrofficial). If you want to be notified of new posts on the website, create an account!

If you have any questions or just want to drop by, you can always do so at our office in the Radboud Sports Centre.

The 66th NSSR Board wishes you a sporty academic year!

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