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hang loose

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie and get a kick out of speed, braving high waves, flying ... Or you prefer to take it a little easier, swaying over the waves, sun on your face, wind through your hair. Windsurfing is for everyone!

Aeolus has its surf spot at the Kraaijenbergse Plassen where regularly chill out with or without bbq or campfire and which once a year is transformed into a surf festival! With our own surf bus/trailer we regularly make trips at home and abroad. Besides surfing and fun, there are many fun activities such as wakeboarding, game nights and an elevator race. But what makes Aeolus really unique is the chill hangloose atmosphere. Every spring and fall a beginner's course is organized. Participants learn the basics of windsurfing in three weekends and a weekend away, after which you are a member for six months and can come and taste our atmosphere for yourself. Has this made you enthusiastic or curious?


Then take a look at or contact us at:

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