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NSA Stabilo is the youngest student gliding club in the Netherlands. Gliding gives you a sense of freedom, the skies are yours and you decide where to go.


If there are thermals, distances up to 1000km are possible! With fifteen minutes cycling from campus you are at Malden airport where we fly almost daily.

In cooperation with the NijAC we provide a complete glider pilot training. Every flight an instructor will accompany you and teach you all the intricacies of flying. Usually after a few months you are allowed to fly on your own! Eventually you get your glider license and are allowed to fly overland, go art flying and bring your friends / family.


All this for only €800 per year. For this amount you can fly unlimited and use all facilities on and around the airfield, but you also become a member of an association that organizes fun activities for its members. On our co-flying days it is possible to fly with us and experience.

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