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The NSSR has several committees that assist it in carrying out various tasks. These committees are:

The activities committee

The batavierenrace committee

The advisory committee

The cash control committee

Below you can read what each committee entails. Interested in joining a committee? Let us know via!



Devising, organizing and supervising events is what the Activities Committee (Accie) of the NSSR does. Together with about five others and the Sports Commissioner, you organize the introductory tournament, the Sportsnight, the Racquet Tournament and a few other events.

The Accie meets once every 2/3 weeks to discuss upcoming events. There are also work meetings where you take all practical actions. In addition to the Accie, you can study full-time. You need about one afternoon or evening per week for this. Sometimes even less.

Interested, more information or do you have a great idea for a sporting event? Send an email to or visit the office (N-1.310) of the NSSR (in the corridor below the RSC).

Batavierenrace committee

Every year the NSSR sends a university team for the Batavierenrace. A committee, together with two board members, looks for the best and fastest runners for the University team. Starting in January, the committee will meet about once a week to look for runners and sponsors and will arrange everything around the university team. There is also room for this committee to participate in the Batavierenrace itself.

Interested or more information? If you have a large network in the athletics world and are good at lobbying, then you are the suitable candidate for the Batavierenrace committee. Interested parties can email to .

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Advisory committee

The advisory committee consists of former DB members. If necessary, she advises the Executive Board on pressing matters. It also guarantees the continuity of administrative matters and supports the incumbent Executive Board with regard to policy, decisions and plans. Four times a year, the DB reports to the Advisory Committee on the implemented policy.

The Advisory Committee 2020-2021 consists of:

Joost Jacobs (former chairman 2018-2019)

Ruben Meijerink (former political commissioner 2017-2018)

Veerle van Winden (former secretary 2017-2018)

Matthijs Paul (former treasurer 2018-2019)

Kelly Heidekamp (former PR & sponsorship 2019-2020)

Huub van Amerongen (former secretary 2019-2020)

Cash control

As of September 2003, a Cash Control Committee has been set up within the NSSR. This committee examines the financial accounts of the Executive Board three times a year and reports on this to the General Assembly. The cash control committee consists of two or three people, preferably one of whom is a former treasurer of the NSSR.

The Cash Control Committee 2020 – 2021 consists of:

Matthijs Paul (former treasurer 2018-2019)

Jeane Seesink (former treasurer 2019-2020)

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