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strength sport


Profectus is the Student Strength Sports association in Nijmegen.


We are the one stop shop for everything fitness related for the students of Nijmegen. Our association is the best way for fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels to meet and make gains together. Our strengths sports associations has a large group of powerlifters but we also offer weightlifting, bodybuilding and general fitness. Our members range from novices to professional athletes that compete on an international level. Everyone is welcome in our association!

We offer member only training sessions at the Radboud Sport Centrum three times a week. Tuesday: 21.00-23.30, Thursday: 20.45-23.30 and Saturday: 18.00-21.00. Everyone is welcome to join during these sessions to train and chat!

Interested in joining a training session? Send an email to or slide in our DMs @nskvprofectus

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