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As a sports umbrella organization, the NSSR represents all 38 student sports associations in Nijmegen.

The NSSR has the following objectives:

  • stimulating student sports in Nijmegen

  • increasing its influence with different parties and transferring this to the SSVs

  • appeal more to individual athletes and meet their needs

  • put Nijmegen on the map together with its partners as the student sports city of the Netherlands


The NSSR tries to achieve this by, among other things:

  • representing the interests of student sports associations and its individual sports card holders

  • to exercise its influence at the RSC

  • to put Nijmegen student sport on the municipal agenda

  • organizing tournaments for individual athletes

  • promoting and realizing a top athlete's home in Nijmegen

  • achieve top three rankings in major student sports tournaments


In addition, the NSSR is an organizer of sports events and a subsidy provider for student sports associations.

The executive board is responsible for shaping and implementing the policy of the NSSR. The Executive Board must be accountable to the General Members' Meeting and StudentLife for the policy pursued. This is done, among other things, by submitting an annual report / policy plan and the financial annual report, and of course in the General Meeting itself.

nssr bestuur lustrum foto.png

Photo of the 65th NSSR lustrum.



Back in the days…
We are writing the year 1958, in which minutes first appeared about an organized group of people who were involved in the stimulation of student sports. At that time they were called the NSSC, and were part of the Carolus Magnus student association. Later the NSSC changed its name to 'Nijmeegse Studenten Sport Raad' and started operating independently.

The sports center at Kwekerijweg 4 was opened in 1966. Where there is now a football field, the university's sports center used to be. A simple, but attractive complex with one large sports hall, two small sports halls, three multi-rooms and the overwhelming outdoor sports options. Only the beautiful stories and the sign that now hangs in the NSSR office remind us of this old sports center. Sports was a new phenomenon in academia. As a result, the number of sporting students started slowly but surely. According to the annals, the student sports associations played a major role in this development. The student sports associations, it is said, were the best organized student associations in Nijmegen at the time. This was partly due to the fact that they had a place to meet in the sports center and because, in addition to the active sports teachers, there was a group of students who cared about their situation: the NSSR.


Over the years, the Nijmegen Student Sports Council has become a household name within active student associations. In the many years that the NSSR has existed, many acquaintances have sat on this Council. Think, for example, of the previous director of the Sports Centre, Rob Cuppen, who was a member of the Executive Board from 1982-1983. All former NSSR administrators have made the NSSR what it is today.


The new sports center
The NSSR experienced a major change in 2003 when it moved to a new location: the Gymnasion. While in the background the remains of the old sports center were torn down with a lot of noise, the Nijmegen Student Sports Council was completely privatized in that year. In the past, its budget for part of the Sports Center came into play, but from the moment the student athletes moved to the new sports complex, the NSSR has been given a new formal look. Although the NSSR has been active in Nijmegen since 1958, it has been officially 'statutarily' ratified from 20 May 2003. This is thanks to the efforts of the Executive Board from 2002-2003. With 38 sports associations in 2021, we hope that student sports will continue to grow.

BOARD 2020-2021


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