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The NSSR is one of the largest student sports umbrella organizations in the Netherlands and represents all sports students in Nijmegen. The NSSR represents 38 student sports associations and more than 20,000 sports card holders, which means that we as an organization have a wide reach among students. The reputation of the organization and with it the reach is growing more and more. The NSSR is therefore an interesting cooperation partner that will only develop further in the future. 

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During the academic year, the NSSR organizes various events such as the Batavierenrace, the GNSK, the sports gala and much more.

You can link your name to these events or partner with us in other ways. We are open to own initiatives. 



The NSSR offers the possibility to place advertisements on the website and social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, the Sport in Nijmegen booklet is distributed to all students every year. in which an A5 advertisement can be printed. 

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Representativeness is important as an umbrella organisation. The board wears board clothing at every event, from drinks to sports tournaments. Our activity committee also wears committee clothing at events. It is possible to have your logo printed on this clothing.

interesse in sponsoring?

Are you interested in a collaboration with the NSSR or do you want to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact our PR & Sponsoring Commissioner Thomas Nijsen via or 06-81741597. In addition to the possibilities mentioned, we are always open to new, innovative possibilities with regard to cooperation. Do you, as a company, have an idea of your own to reach the sporting students? Then be sure to contact us!

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