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hot shots


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Hot Shots is thé student unihockey/floorball association of Nijmegen.

Floorball is a mix between ice hockey and indoor hockey. The boarding around the field, the lightweight sticks and the ball with holes make the sport dynamic and fast. Due to the high intensity you can clear your head and improve your condition!


We are a small, friendly association and train twice a week with men and women of all levels together in the Radboud Sports Center. In addition to playing sports together, we regularly organize drinks and activities in our favorite pub Café Van Buren, exchanges with other sports clubs, the members' day and finally we organize the annual Hot Shots Open Tournament (HOT).


Feel free to take a look at our Instagram @hotshotsnijmegen and our website If you would like to train with us sometime, feel free to contact us! We'd love to see you show up :)

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