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Will you be the new Commissioner of Politics 2024-2025?

Are you passionate about sports and want to stand up for the interests of all Nijmegen student athletes? Then grab your chance now and apply for the role of Political Commissioner at NSSR for the academic year 2024-2025!

The NSSR offers the unique opportunity to represent the interests of Nijmegen students and student athletes and have an impact on campus sports policy and other interesting events on campus. As Political Commissioner, you are the voice of all athletes at the University Student Council. It is not only a leadership position, but also an opportunity to help shape all Radboud University policies. With the addition of Political Commissioners to the campus elections now is the perfect time to run for office.

Elections will take place around May, so apply soon! Also, if you would like more information or an informational interview, don't hesitate to get in touch!

A board year at NSSR is not only fun and educational, but also offers the opportunity to be active by visiting all student sports associations in Nijmegen.

Application for PoCo is open through March 15.

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