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The 64th Board of the NSSR

Monday August 30th there has been a change in de board of the NSSR, where we said goodbye to the 63rd board of the NSSR. We would like to thank Joost, Guido, Daniek, Jelte, Ilse and Maaike for all their commitment, enthusiasm and above all flexibility in a year that turn out quite differently than everyone expected. We will now take over as the 64th board and are looking forward to it. We will therefore first introduce ourselves.

30th of august 2021 the 64th board took place in the office:

Chair and commissioner of politics: Laura Lensink

Treasurer: Sten Knops

Commissioner of sport: Evert-Jan Wind

Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Kim Gebbing

As can be seen, we are currently a four-member board and are still missing the secretary position. As long as necessary, we will all take responsibily for this function and divcide the tasks. Kim Gebbing is currently registered as secretary, but we are still looking for a suitable person to fill this position completely.

You will get to know us better in the near future. Ofcourse you are always welcome visit our office for a cup of coffee or tea. We can't wait to see you. See you soon.

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