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Healthy Student Life

Because at Radboud University deem student well-being very important, the Healthy Student Life team started a multi-year research project into student well-being. Within this project, we look at the current state of student well-being, what predictors of well-being are, and which groups of students may be at risk of reduced well-being. With this knowledge, we will make specific recommendations, which can be used to improve policy at Radboud University and to develop tools that can positively influence the well-being of you and your fellow students.

Recently, all students at Radboud University have (again) received a personal invitation in their student mailbox to participate in this study by filling out a survey. Will you participate (again)? Check your mail on Healthy Student Life. With your participation, you have a chance to win great prizes, including a voucher or a free month subscription at the Radboud Sports Centre. Your unique contribution will ensure that Radboud University can invest even more in the well-being of her students in the years to come! Thank you in advance for your contribution!

If you did not receive the email or would like to receive more information? Please email us at: or visit our website:

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