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Are you the 67th NSSR board ?

Are you interested in representing the interests of Nijmegen student athletes and still looking for something fun to do? Then a board year at the NSSR is just what you are looking for! You can apply until 30 April.

A board year at the NSSR offers not only educational experiences, but also plenty of fun activities. For example, the NSSR organises various cool events, including the sports gala, the glow-in-the-dark sports night and the board helps out with other activities such as the RU/HAN introduction and the Batavierenrace. You can also get active by visiting all the student sports associations in Nijmegen.

Furthermore, you not only have contact with the associations, but also with other major parties. You will represent Nijmegen student sport at regional and national level.

What positions are available?

  • Chair: Represent the sport student in Nijmegen, among other things at the Sports Centre and the Nijmegen municipality. You have a diverse range of tasks with many connections; furthermore, you chair the meetings!

  • Secretary: Maintain contact between the NSSR board and the associations. You are up to date with the latest news and take notes of all meetings!

  • Treasurer: Responsible for the financial affairs of the NSSR. In doing so, you help process grant applications and are the point of contact for associations on financial matters.

  • Commissioner Sport: Organise fun (sports) activities. In this position, you arrange everything concerning sports. Whether you set up a sports activity, create new events or support associations with activities. Furthermore, you are the chair of the activities committee.

  • Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Maintain the socials and provide promotional material. In this function, you will be creative and create nice designs to be distributed at the RU and HAN, among others. Furthermore, you negotiate with companies to get deals. So you are everywhere!

Are you interested? Come visit us in our office! Or send an e-mail to

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