We are writing in the year 1958, when the first minutes about an organised group people, who kept themselves busy with the stimulation of student sports, popped up. At that moment, they were named NSSC and were part of student association Carolus Magnus. Later on, the NSSC changed its name into ‘Nijmeegse Studenten Sport Raad’ (Nijmeegse Student Sports Council) and operated independent.


The opening of the sports centre at the Kwekerijweg 4 was in 1966. Where there is now a soccer field, back in the days it was the location of the sports centre of the university. A simple, but atmospheric complex with one big sports hall, two litte sports halls, three multi halls and the overwhelming outside sports opportunities. Only the beautiful stories and the sign that is sticking in the NSSR office, remember this old sports centre. Sporting was a new phenomenon in the academic world. The amount of sporting students was slowly increasing. According to the records, student sports associations played a big role in this development. The student sports associations, as people say, were the best organised student associations of Nijmegen at that time. That was partly due to the fact that they had a place, the sports centre, to come together and because of the group of students that acted as active sports instructors that took care of the situation: the NSSR.


The Nijmeegse Student Sports Council has grown to be a concept within the active student associations. During the many years that the NSSR has existed, many well known people have controlled this council. For example, the previous director of the Radboud Sports Centre, Rob Cuppen, who was part of the council from 1982-1983. Every former NSSR board member has made the NSSR to what it is today.


The new sports centre
In 2003, the NSSR experienced a huge change because of the moving to a new place: the Gymnasion. During that year, the NSSR was completely privatized. From the moment that student sporters went to the new sports centre, the NSSR was formally renewed. Although the NSSR has been active in Nijmegen since 1958, she is officially ‘statutory’ empowered from 20 May 2003 onwards. This has been made possible by the efforts of the Daily Board of 2002-2003. With 38 student sports associations in 2020, we hope that the student sports will only increase further.