The NSSR (Nijmeegse Student Sports Council) is the sports dome of the 37 student sports associations (SSAs) in Nijmegen.


The NSSR has the following goals:

  • stimulating the student sports in Nijmegen
  • increasing her influence at various parties and transfer it to the SSAs
  • address the individual athletes more often and satisfy their needs
  • locate Nijmegen on the map as the student sports city of the Netherlands together with her partners


The NSSR wants to achieve this by:

  • acting on behalf of the student sports associations and her individual sports card holders
  • letting her influence count at the RSC
  • putting the Nijmeegse student sports on the agenda of the municipality
  • organising tournaments for individual athletes
  • promoting and realising the athlete house in Nijmegen
  • achieving top three classification at the great student sports tournaments

The NSSR is also the organiser of sports events and subsidy provider for the student sports associations.


The Daily Board is responsible for the formation and the implementation of the policy of the NSSR. The Daily Board has to make a statement about the guided policy to the General Member Meeting and StudentLife. This mainly happens by presenting the annual report / policy plan and the financial annual report and of course during the General Member Meeting itself.