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Mega Monday: the sports results from week 11

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It’s already week 12, which means that you can read about the sports results from week 11 in this week’s Mega Monday. Read about the results of NSTV Trion during the national run-bike-run series of last weekend.


NSTV Trion

Trion in the top 5 in national Run-bike-run series
Last Sunday, Trion competed in the first race of the run-bike-run series. Traditionally, the best duathletes and triathletes from the Netherlands take part in this national competition, and the ladies of NSTV Trion were present here as well!
We were told that the running course would be partly unpaved, but it turned out to be completely unpaved, so the ladies were completely covered in mud after the first running part. In the bicycle part, a curvy parcours with 180 degrees turning points and thresholds with cobblestones had to be taken. During the cycling violence, our ladies held up well, and they also ran well in the last 2.5 km.
This resulted in 5th place in the overall classification!
Because Trion has no male-team in the rbr-series, there were a few members of Trion that came out for another team. The other members of Trion were ofcourse present at the Stevensloop. Our president Wan Ying ran all three the distances, just as she did last year.

Registration Sportsnight 2019

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Have you always had the desire to play sports on the Radboud Sports Centre during the night? Then this is your chance! On Wednesday, the 27th of March, the RSC keeps their doors open for the NSSR to organize the Sportsnight. During the Sportsnight you can play different types of sports in blacklight. During this night, multiple teams will battle for the ultimate title: Champions of the Sportsnight 2019. In the next couple of weeks, the played sports will be announced.

Next to the fact that the Sportsnight is a great tournament for which you should definitely register, what else do you need to know?

  • It is held on Wednesday the 27th of March
  • Doors will open at 21:15 in Hall 2 en it ends around 02:00
  • You can register in teams of 5-8 people
  • Registration costs are €3,50 per person

Pay attention: There is a limited amount of places for teams!

When you fill in the form below, you will receive a conformation mail.

A few days before the Sportsnight, you will receive an informationmail. If you have any questions regarding the sportsnight, send an e-mail to


The registrations for the Sportsnight are closed


Mega Monday: the sports results from week 9

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Last weekend, the men of the Radboud Rangers took part at the Dutch Championship Baseball5. They even managed to win a medal! Furthermore, the NSK Alround also took place last weekend. Haasje showed themselves and managed to win 3 medals! Read about their successes in this week’s Mega Monday.


NSSHV Radboud Rangers

On Sunday February 24th the Dutch Championship Baseball5 took place in Utrecht. A couple of guys from the Radboud Rangers went to Utrecht to bring the title of National Dutch Champion home to Nijmegen. They won the first match, then the second match and even the third match was easy peasy lemon squeezy! The guys made it to the semi-finals, everyone was already happy! Because of a sleepy umpire they played an inning to much and they lost because of a few points scored in that inning. Sadly they missed the finals. But after a very thrilling match it became clear: the guys of the Radboud Rangers won a bronze medal at the National Dutch Championship Baseball5! Like the sports commentator said: “Big celebration in Nijmegen and surroundings!”.


NSAV ‘t Haasje

Last weekend the one and only NSK indoor took place in Apeldoorn. There were 22 haasjes active during this tournament! All the athletes jumped very far/high, ran really hard or threw a long distance. This resulted in 3 medals. Daan de Grauw won the gold medal at triple jump. Vera Feitsma ran to a silver medal at the 60m hurdles and the 4×400 relay women also won a golden medal! There were also several club records and personal records this day. Despite losing our flague to another club, it was a really sucessful and fun NSK indoor for NSAV ‘t Haasje!


Report Back to School Dodgeball Tournament

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26th of February, Back to School Dodgeball Tournament

We all remember it right? The cheerfulness we experienced when we heard we could play dodgeball during physical education class in primary school. Last Tuesday, almost 100 people could experience this joyful moment again during the NSSR Back to School Dodgeball Tournament.

18 teams gathered in the halls of the Radboud Sports Centre – ready to divert themselves like back in the old days. To prevent the players from early injuries, Annemieke gave them a warming-up in the form of Moving on Music. All teams moved along and were ready to start the dodgeball tournament.

After the warming-up, the tournament began and started playing different types of dodgeball games. The fanatical teams went head-to-head in box dodgeball, big and long matted dodgeball, in Indian dodgeball and bunker dodgeball. The tournament finished with a final game of dodgeball where teams played 45 versus 45.

Following this, the prize giving took place, where all teams were thrilled to know which team won. In the end, it were the ‘Canissanova’s’ who could crown theirselves as NSSR dodgeball champions of 2019.

We can look back at a successful dodgeball tournament and we’re blessed that all teams were so fanatic. Additionally, we were, thanks to you, able to raise €180,-for the RAGweek! We hope to see you again next year at the dodgeball tournament!

~ The board of the NSSR and the activity committee



Mega Monday: the sports results from week 8

Geplaatst op: 25 February 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In this week’s Mega Monday, you can read about the successes of 2 associations. The gymnasts of NSTV KUNST were able to take a trophy home this weekend and you could also find the fencers of NSSV Don Quichote on stage which makes us very proud!



Last weekend, KUNST went to Delft with 26 of their members to participate in the NSK Jumping. The morning started with the competition for individuals. They jumped on a high level on the trampoline and over the pegasus. The airtrack was a bit too hard, which resulted with some landings on their bottoms. Despite that, KUNT was able to win 6 medals in the morning competition. In the afternoon, the competition for teams started and KUNST participated with four teams all three levels. The teams put in hard work to obtain the points. This resulted in an on stage team in every level! This meaned that KUNST was able to take the trophy to Nijmegen for the 4th year in a row! The night was well ended with the ‘Gender in de Blender’ party!


NSSV Don Quichote


Yesterday, the fencers of Don Quichote fenced at the ‘Delfts Tegeltjestoernooi’ in Delft. After the preliminary rounds Nico, Béla, Thomas, Tim, Jan and Nick were ranked 2nd, 5th, 18th, 22nd, 24th and 25th in the men’s sabre tournament. In the eliminations Jan and Nick faced opponents who were to strong for them. Thomas was able to win his elimination in this round. Unfortunately he had to fence Nico in the round of 16. Nico won this bout and went trough to the quarter finals. Both Nico and Béla won their matches in the quarter finals and went through to the semi-finals! They lost both their semi-finales and shared 3th place.

Chairwoman Nienke was ranked 11th and the women’s sabre tournament after the preliminary round. She managed to win her first ever elimination round. Unfortunately she lost in the quarter finals and ended up in 8th place. Don Quichote was less lucky in the men’s epee tournament. The fencers from Nijmegen couldn’t win any matches in their preliminary round. René Lafleur, Mark Wijkhuizen, Pieter Theunissen and David Schenkman finished in 33th, 36th, 39th and 44th place.

After the individual tournaments, Don Quichote competed with two teams in the mixed sabre team tournament. The team were mixed with experienced and less experienced fencers. The first team were Béla, Jan, Thomas and Nienke. They had a hard preliminary round and where out of the tournament very soon. The second team was Nienke, Tim and Nick. They managed to win all of their matches in the preliminary round and qualified for the semi-final. There opponents were too strong for them, which resulted in them having to fence for the bronze medal. After being behind the whole match, Nico stepped up his game and scored 11-2 in the last match and they won with 45-42! With 3 bronze medals Don Quichote has had a successful weekend!



Mens sabre individual

  1. Nico Speelman
  2. Béla Roesink
  3. Thomas Nijsen
  4. Tim Vriens
  5. Jan van den Brand
  6. Nick Caris


Women’s sabre individual

  1. Nienke Flipsen


Men’s epee individual

  1. René Lafleur
  2. Mark Wijkhuizen
  3. Pieter Theunissen
  4. David Schenkman


Mixed team Sabre

  1. Don Quichote
  2. 2nd team Don Quichote

Mega Monday: the sports results from week 5

Geplaatst op: 4 February 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In this week’s mega Monday, you can read all about the extraordinary achievement from a member of NSRV Phocas, the Nijmegian derby between NSKV SkunK and Keizer Karel and finally about the results from NSSV Don Quichote at the biggest student fencing tournament of Europe in Paris.


NSRV Phocas

Last week, NSRV Phocas got some pleasant news. At the 28th of January, the scullselection of the Dutch Rowing Team has been announced. Here it was made public that of the members of Phocas, Koen Metsemakers, made the team of the Men’s Quad! Earlier this year, the Men’s Quad was proclaimed as priority during the Olympic Games (for which the qualifications will be at the World Championships in 2019), so we are of course very proud!


Last Saturday, student korfball club SkunK 1 played a derby against another club from Nijmegen which is at the top of the league: Keizer Karel 1. Keizer Karel 1 started better than SkunK (4-0) but the students from SkunK were able to make a comeback. They didn’t give up and at the end they were able to tak the win with a final result of 13-15! This has been one of their best achievements this year.


NSSV Don Quichote

Last weekend, the annual X-Systra tournament took place in Paris. This student fencing tournament is traditionally seen as the biggest of Europe. Students from all levels are taking part at this tournament. Two members, Thomas Nijsen (saber) and Ashley Ophorst (foil), of Don Quichote were there as well, and with success.

On Friday, there was an individual tournament. Thomas was able to progress from the qualifying rounds. In the following elimination rounds, he was able to win the first one with 15-13, but unfortunately lost the second one with 15-10. He became 23th out of the 49 contestants which is a great result!

Ashley wins all her qualifying games and after being given immunity, she was able to win the next two games with 15-2 and 15-13. She just came short for competing for the medals, since she lost the quarter-final with 15-8. She eventually ended 5th.

On Saturday, the team competition took place. Thomas performed with saber and formed a team with two fencers from the UvA and a fencer of the Imperial College London. They were able to reach the semi-final, but unfortunately lost against who eventually became the winners of the whole competition. Unfortunately, they also lost the battle for the bronze medal and ended in the 4th place.

Ashleys team consisted of fencers from the UvA, University of Mainz and the University of Tübingen. They also reached the semi-final but just came short and lost 45-44. Nevertheless, they were able to win the battle for the bronze medal and ended 3rd!

Don Quichot ended a great weekend with a prom-party and a lot of fireworks. Next year, they will definitely be found in Paris again!

Back to School Dodgeball Tournament

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The NSSR is organizing a Back 2 School Dodgeball Tournament for the RAGweek It will take place on the 26th of february, starting from 20:00 in the RSC (Hal 1). This tournament is in the theme of dodgeball, the way we played it back in primary school.

You can enter as a team, consisting of 5 persons. The entry costs are €2,- per person (€10,- per team) and the profit will go fully to charity, namely the RAGweek. You can sign in your team using this link:


Are you having trouble filling your team of 5? Send a mail to and we will come to a solution together.

Mega Monday: the sports results from weeks 3 and 4

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In this Mega Monday deluxe, the sports results of not 1, but 2 weeks will be highlighted. You can read about the regional cupfinal that NSZV Ha-Stu won, the results of NSWV Mercurius at the NSK cyclocross, and finally you can read how NSAV ‘t Haasje performed at the NSK Cross in Amsterdam.



Wednesday the 16th of january, a (traditional) Ha-Stu party took place, because the 1st men team of Ha-Stu won, just like the last 4 year, the final of the regional cup. After the wins on Celeritas from Utrecht (27-24), and NHC (310-30), was it HV Huissen’s turn to get wiped by the stars of Ha-Stu. The tension was set by Jorik Hof in the Gelderlander, who announced the big turn up at the game.

At 20:30 in sports hall De Brink in Huissen, the cup final started with completely stuffed stands. Remarkable was that the biggest part of the stand was full with 50 blue-yellow Ha-Stu supporters that journeyed to support the men of Ha-Stu to the win. The men from Ha-Stu felt the pressure which resulted in a fast losing position of 0-4. But as experienced as they are, they knew how to flip the game and they got to an equal score when the first half was done.

During the break, coach Leon gave them a speech telling them to be more efficient with their chances. They took this speech seriously and were able to create a comfortable lead during the beginning of the second half. They became sloppy after, which resulted that they let Huissen come back to a difference of only one goal. In the final phase of the game, the men of Ha-Stu knew how to pull the game in to their hands and the final score became 22-27. A party broke loose in the sports hall which resulted in the needed voacal classics and beers.

The 8th finals will be played on tuesday the 12th of february in the Radboud Sports Centre. the opponent is still unknown, but it will be a top 4 team from the premier league or a BeNe-league team. The third cup party of the season is approaching, so jot it down in your agenda and stay tuned for more info!

NSWV Mercurius

N.S.W.V. Mercurius, the student cycling club from Nijmegen, was present at the Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross at Tilburg on Sunday the 20th January 2019. This championship was organised by T.S.W.V. De Meet, where the track of the local cycling club Pijnenburg was used for the races. Mercurius travelled to Tilburg with a big group of participants and fans.

Prior to the Dutch National Student Championships, the local championship (Open Tilburgs Championship) took place. At this championship some Mercurius-members participated including: Dennis Hobbenschot (Finished: 4th), Jason Scheurs (5th), Yarince Martis (6th), Lieke Wijnbergen en Iris Willemsen (shared 1ste place). All participants finished the race without major injuries.

The first category at the Dutch National Student Championships was for men without license. The small peloton was dominated by Mercurius-members. In this category started; Guus Schutte, Joost van Wijngaarden, Remi van Oosterhout, Harold Ottens and Luc Vraets. Guus only had one job during this race. He had to prolong his Dutch Nationial Student Title of last year. After the start, it was soon clear that the race would be a contest between three rides, including Guus Schutte and Joost van Wijngaarden. While the last round started, it would turn out in an exciting contest! In the last technical part of the track, Guus Schutte took a lead and accelerated to his second Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross (without license) title! Joost van Wijngaarden finished behind Guus as third and the rest of the Mercurius finished a few minutes later; Remi van Oosterhout (6th), Luc Vraets (7th) and Harold Ottens (8th).

Next up were the men and women with license and the women without license. Mercurius had just two participants in the category women with license; Femke de Vries and Lotte Koopmans. In the category women without license, Siobhan Schleijpen was the only Mercurius participant. During the race for women with license, it was soon clear that Lotte Koopmans was going to win the Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross! She won the race with a solo ride, Femke de Vries finished 4th and Siobhan Schleijpen finished 5th.

Mercurius had a wonderful day in Tilburg with two Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross titles in different categories. The day ended with a few beers for the participants!

NSAV ‘t Haasje

Last Saturday, the NSK cross took place in Amsterdam. 17 hares went to Amsterdam for this event. There was a lot of mud and a hill that you had to climb 3, 6 or 9 times, so a very though trail. ‘t Haasje was very succesful with a 1st and 2nd place for the women and a 2nd and 3th place for the men!

Mega Monday: the sports results from week 2

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Last weekend, Trion went to Egmond for their bikkelweekend. Read below how they wore themselves out on this trainings weekend.

As a yearly Trion tradition, a large delegation of Trionners went to Egmond last weekend. The weekend started on the bikes on saturday with a beachrace of 38 kilometers. With the mountainbike they cycled from Egmond to IJmuiden and back  while enjoying the strong wind and (sometimes) mullet sand. For most bikers this was not enough so next day they joined the runners for a 10 kilometer race or half marathon. Unfortunately , the wind had become stronger. After the first seven kilometers on the beach, the runners continued their way through the rolling dunes and finally ended with some kilometers where the wind came straight from the front. Although the legs felt tired, the feet still came of the floor at the blarenbal (blisterball).

Mega Monday: the sports results of week 1

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The first prizes of the year are won by NSTTV Akris. They started the new year in a brilliant way during the Gelderse Table Tennis Tournament. Read about their successes below.

After a short break, the table tennis season started last weekend at the Gelderse Table Tennis Tournament. Whereas Akris only took 1 consolation prize last year, they really stepped their game up this year. Two Akrissers won the tournament in their division. Jasper Wijnen played a nerve-racking finale. He was 2-0 behind in games, but he managed to turn the match around and win with 3-2! Devlin Oosterwijk made an extraordinary performance. He won the tournament where he played good as well as surprising. In the finale, he had 2 matchpoints against him, but managed to win anyway. Between all the single games, there were also doubles games. Devlin Oosterwijk and Robin Gommans grabbed the title in the doubles with ease, while they had never played together before.

Devlin managed to win everything he could win on sunday! We would like to congratulate these players with their won prizes!