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Mario Karty 2019

Geplaatst op: 27 May 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

Are you the best Mario Kart player in Nijmegen? Or do you want to play some old school Mario Kart on the Wii? Then we have some good news!

Together with Dorans, the NSSR will be hosting a Mario Karty on Tuesday the 25th of June in Riley’s Pub Nijmegen. From 20:30, you and your partner in crime are welcome to join our Mario Kart tournament in Riley’s. A tournament will be held with teams of 2 competing. In this way, you and your partner can crown yourselves as the best Mario Karter in Nijmegen!

Registrations are completely free, so if you want to join, fill in the following form:


Aanmeldingsformulier Mario Kart Party 2019
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Mega Monday: the sports results of week 20

Geplaatst op: 20 May 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In the Mega Monday of this week, you can read about the fencing results of NSSV Don Quichote. They attended the NSK Fencing last weekend and were able to set some great results. Read about it in the Mega Monday of week 20!


NSSV Don Quichote

Eleven members of our student fencing club Don Quichote travelled down to Eindhoven for the National Student Championships this past Saturday. Don Quichote was represented by at least one member in five out of the six categories.


Our members fenced very well, and at the end of the day Don Quichote won 7 medals!

Ellen and Ashley won gold in the women’s epee and women’s foil.

Christiaan and Tim won silver in the men’s epee and the men’s sabre.

René, Remco and Noah won bronze in the men’s epee, men’s foil and the men’s sabre.


A big congratulations to all of you!


NSSR Stick Series

Geplaatst op: 2 May 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

Unfortunately, the NSSR Stick Series is cancelled due to a lack of registrations


After a succesful Racket Tournament which revolved about sports played with rackets, we present you the Stick Series! This tournament will revolve fully around sports which are played with sticks. On Monday the 27th of May, the Stick Series will take place on the RSC. You will be expected from 19:30 and the tournament will be finished around 23:00.

Together with your team of 5 to 8 persons, you will play different sports against opposing teams. Is your team te best with sticks? Find out when you challenge other teams in sports like hockey, lacrosse, floorball and softball!

Make sure to register using the form below and we will see you on the 27th of may. Registering is completely free!



Recap Sportsnight 2019

Geplaatst op: 24 April 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

It’s Wednesday the 27th of March. It is completely dark in the Radboud Sports Centre, except for the sport halls and multi rooms. Here, different kinds of sports games are being lighted by blacklights. This can only mean one thing: the Sportsnight 2019 has begun!

This year, 16 teams took part at the Sportsnight. More than 100 people could enjoy themselves from 22:00 – 02:00, playing all different kind of sports with only blacklights. During the night, people could enjoy themselves playing lasergame in a hall full of obstacles and they fenced with ‘lightsabers’. Also, Frisbees were being thrown around and people could practice different kinds of pole dancing techniques. Throwing balls in a korfball basket seemed more difficult in the dark, and at the same time, rowers were being yelled to the finish line on the ergometers. Next to that, thrilling games of Mario Kart were being played, knots balls flew through the whole room, and finally, a fun and tough judo game was played in the Dojo. In short, an enormous spectrum of fun sports!


The 16 teams went head to head and battled to win that desirable winners title and prize. Eventually, the team ‘Hard en Nat in het donker’ knew to win and take that precious prize: a free round of laser gaming at Laserquest Nijmegen.


Back to a great Sportsnight and we hope you enjoyed yourselves just as much as we did.


Special thanks to:

  • Rein Wieringa for taking pictures
  • Laserquest Nijmegen for sponsoring the prize for the winner
  • Veluwe Actief & Nijmegen Actief for lending us the stuff for laser gaming.
    We definitely recommend checking their Facebook and website!


Mega Monday: the sports results from week 15

Geplaatst op: 15 April 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

Sunday last week, Cuijck was characterized by the Pole Passion Competition. NSPV Lasya also attended this competition and were even able to get multiple top 3 classifications. Read about it in the new Mega Monday!

NSPV Lasya

We can proudly announce that members of NSPV Lasya were able to get not 1, not 2, but 5(!) top 3 classifications last week at the Pole Passion Competition in Cuijk.

Janine became 3rd in the semi-professionals category

In the professional category, Julia became 3rd and Hel became 2nd.

Hel and Julia also performed a duo act for the first time and managed to win the 1st prize.

Anouk and Minou became 2nd with their duo act. Additionally, they also won a trophy with their duo act at the ADC competition last Sunday.

We are extremely proud of the members of Lasya who attended this competition!


Mega Monday: the sports results from week 14

Geplaatst op: 8 April 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

NSSV Don Quichote was again able to win some prizes. Last weekend, they attended the Dom tournament and they were able to take multiple medals back to Nijmegen. Read about it in the new Mega Monday!


NSSV Don Quichote

Multiple successes at the Dom tournament for Don Quichote

On Saturday and Sunday many members from our fencing club Don Quichote traveled to Utrecht to compete at the Dom tournament. Don Quichote managed to win four medals! The team event took place on Saturday. Thomas and Tim were a team together with a fencer from Arnhem and one from Utrecht. They managed to get the silver medal! Dq also sent two epee teams. They finished in 5th and 7th place.

On Sunday Don Quichote won three more medals. Ellen Obster won silver at the women’s epee tournament. Nico Speelman (volunteer of the year at the NSSR Sports gala) and Béla Roesink won bronze at the men’s sabre tournament. Thomas Nijssen, Tim Vriens and Nienke Flipsen all had a top 16 finish in the men’s and women’s sabre competition. Nick Caris finished in the top 32 in the men’s sabre category. Ashley Ophorst had a top 8 finish in the women’s foil


Registrations Racket Tournament 2019

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Do you beat everyone in Tennis? Is nobody able to beat you at squash? Do you have an unstoppable smash at badminton? Or is your table tennis service so good, nobody can return it? Then find a teammate who is just as good as you and join the Racket Tournament!


On Wednesday the 24th of April, the NSSR organizes her yearly Racket Tournament. From 20:00 – 23:00, you and your teammate can show your racketskills and try to obtain the title ‘NSSR Racket Champions 2019’.


So show everyone that your racketskills are the best, and register for the Racket Tournament in the form below.


P.S. Entry is completely free!


The registrations are closed!


Registration Campusrun 2019

Geplaatst op: 2 April 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

This year, the NSSR is organizing the Campusrun, just like previous years, together with NSAV ’t Haasje and asap. The run will start on the Erasmus Square and is approximately 4 kilometers and you will be running over a big part of the campus. This year however, a few changes have been made. Unlike previous years, the Campusrun will take place in the spring, namely at the 17th of April. In this way, the Campusrun is the perfect way to train for the Batavierenrace. Next to this, the Campusrun will start at 19:00 this year which allow you to run in the lovely evening sun. Finally, there is a new classification category. Next to the study association classification, there is an optional classification category for your own team. If you fill in the same team name as your friends or association, you can also run for this classification category, next to the study association classification.

The registration fee for the Campusrun is €4,- (including one drink). After the registration, you will receive an email with an payment link. To complete your registration, you will have to pay the link, otherwise participation is not possible. The registrations have closed

Rules team classification:

– The times of the two best men and two best women will be summed up.
– Participants next to these four, will give the team one bonus second.
– When less than two women participate in a team, the times of the the 3rd (of even 4th) best man will be multiplied by 1,4.
– If a team has less than 4 people, it does not take part of the classification.


Mega Monday: the sports results from week 13

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It is a sunny Mega Monday! NSKV SkunK played their last games inside, which means that they will play outside again. In other news: NSTV KUNST went to Enschede this weekend where they were able to take some medals back to Nijmegen! Read all about it in the new Mega Monday!


This weekend our Student Korfball Club SkunK played their final indoor matches of 2018-2019. SkunK 1 played against Olympus 1. Olympus started well but SkunK came back and won with a final result of 20-14. SkunK 2 has won too against DVO 9, 12-9. That is a good end of the indoor competition. Right now all korfball teams will prepare for the competion outside.



KUNST made Enschede look purple at the third gymnastics competition of this season. There were 20 ‘KUNSTenaren’ who competed at this NSTC. Both men and woman competed, in different levels. At the end of the day we took home 4 medals. After dinner we showed that we’re not only good at gymnastics, but that we also know how to party! It was a succesfull day.

Mega Monday: the sports results from week 12

Geplaatst op: 25 March 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

This week, the performances of the BFrisBee2’s and NSSV Don Quichote are in the Mega Monday. The BFrisBee2’s had the opening of the outdoor competition and Don Quichote came in action during the Bosch Open.



Good to be back outside for the first day of the outdoor competition! Pictured here is open team 1 after they won all their games with a squad of 9 to secure promotion to division 2. Even bigger kudos to open team 2 who won their last game with just 6 players on the field!

A great opening of the outdoor competition!


NSSV Don Quichote

On Saturday the fencers of NSSV Don Quichote competed on sabre and epee at the Bosch Open in Den Bosch. With success! Ellen Obster won the tournament for the senior women’s epee category. She won every bout in the poule which resulted in a first place ranking for the eliminations. She continued her winning streak and won the final with 15-8 from Linda Jans (Schermclub Den Bosch). The other fencers from Don Quichote managed to get three T16 finishes, two T32 finishes and one T64 finish.