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Mega Monday: the sports results from week 2

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Last weekend, Trion went to Egmond for their bikkelweekend. Read below how they wore themselves out on this trainings weekend.

As a yearly Trion tradition, a large delegation of Trionners went to Egmond last weekend. The weekend started on the bikes on saturday with a beachrace of 38 kilometers. With the mountainbike they cycled from Egmond to IJmuiden and back  while enjoying the strong wind and (sometimes) mullet sand. For most bikers this was not enough so next day they joined the runners for a 10 kilometer race or half marathon. Unfortunately , the wind had become stronger. After the first seven kilometers on the beach, the runners continued their way through the rolling dunes and finally ended with some kilometers where the wind came straight from the front. Although the legs felt tired, the feet still came of the floor at the blarenbal (blisterball).

Mega Monday: the sports results of week 1

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The first prizes of the year are won by NSTTV Akris. They started the new year in a brilliant way during the Gelderse Table Tennis Tournament. Read about their successes below.

After a short break, the table tennis season started last weekend at the Gelderse Table Tennis Tournament. Whereas Akris only took 1 consolation prize last year, they really stepped their game up this year. Two Akrissers won the tournament in their division. Jasper Wijnen played a nerve-racking finale. He was 2-0 behind in games, but he managed to turn the match around and win with 3-2! Devlin Oosterwijk made an extraordinary performance. He won the tournament where he played good as well as surprising. In the finale, he had 2 matchpoints against him, but managed to win anyway. Between all the single games, there were also doubles games. Devlin Oosterwijk and Robin Gommans grabbed the title in the doubles with ease, while they had never played together before.

Devlin managed to win everything he could win on sunday! We would like to congratulate these players with their won prizes!

Mega Monday: de sports results from week 50

Geplaatst op: 19 December 2018 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In this weeks Mega Monday, the sports results from 2 student sports clubs. Read about how SkunK had a 100% winstreak this weekend and about how ‘t Haasje performed at the NSK Trappenloop they organized theirself!


Last weekend was very succesful for student korfball club SkunK. Every weekend team has won their match. Saturday SkunK 1 played against Reehorst 1 in Ede. They won with a final result of 20-22. Right now, SkunK has got the thirth place in the 3th class. SkunK 2 played against another Student Korfball Club in Wageningen: Débaldérin 1. They won convincingly, 8-18. Last but definitely not least SkunK Ladies 1 won against Spoordonkse Girls 1 with a great 15-9. Because they have won, they now have a bigger chance to be the champion in the first class. SkunK is pleased with these results and they will enjoy their well deserved christmas holidays.

NSAV ‘t Haasje

Last friday the one and only NSK trappenloop took place in the Erasmusbuilding in Nijmegen! This event was organised by ‘t Haasje and a lot of participants came to participate. Joost van Wijngaarden was really sucesfull again and won both distances: the 10 and 20 floors! At the 10 floors, our member Nadim also ended in the top 3. The relay and beerchase at the end were also a lot of fun!

Mega Monday: the sports results from week 48

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This weeks Mega Monday is all about the last game of the Keizerstad Kannibalz before the mid-season break.

On Sunday November 25th the last gameday took place for Keizerstad Kannibalz ladies 2 before the mid-season break. By winning this game, they are now in the lead of the division and Dominique Herckenrath and Marieke Drent are in the top 3 of topscorers! (4 Kannibalz in the top 10)

Mega Monday: the sports results from week 47

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In this weeks Mega Monday, NSTV KUNST is in the spotlight. They had their first NSTC of the year and performed really good. You can read their successes below.

On Saturday 24th of November took the first Dutch Student Gymnastics competition of this season place in Nijmegen. With this competition, you could win a medal on every event. The competition took place in the SportQube, the new gymnastics training center in Nijmegen. By the men’s competition, there were five different levels where they tried to win the gold medal. They could win a medal on the following events; even bars, high bar, rings, pommel horse, vault and the floor. The women fought for the medals in six different levels on the uneven bars, balance beam, vault and floor. After tree competition rounds with a lot of supporters, KUNST took home 51 medals!

NSSR Sports gala 2018

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It’s almost that time of the year again: the NSSR Sports gala! This year, the sportsgala and the Student-Athletes of the Year Election  will take place on Monday the 10th of December. Note this date down in your agenda, because you don’t want to miss this party. The gala will take place in Fort Lent. Tickets are €11,- (including 3 drinks), and you can get your tickets via this link:

You can find the pictures of the Sportsgala here: Pictures Sportgala

Mega Monday: the sport results from week 46

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The Seven-hills run took place in Nijmegen last weekend. Many members of NSAV ‘t Haasje joined this race. 16 of them ran the 7k during the night and they did a really good job ending in the upper regions: 3 women and 3 men ended in the top 10.
Even more members ran the 15k on sunday, a total of 25. To conclude, it was a really succesful weekend for ‘t Haasje!


Mega Monday: the sports result from week 41

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N.S.W.V. Mercurius had a succesful Dutch Student Championship Cycling. NSSV Don Quichote also had a sporty weekend with their 1st Keizer Karel Tournament. Read all about their their successes below!

N.S.W.V. Mercurius
Mercurius let their legs do the talking in Zevenhuisen!

In the early morning, a big group of Mercurians moved themselves to Zevenhuizen, because in there was the battle for the jerseys. Not only the red-white-blue jersey was on the line, but also the one with the orange glimmer of the SWN.
After a short inspection of the course, with no less than 3 (!) turns, the ladies without license were the ones to start. Iris, Anna, Eline, Juliska and Siobhan were the ones starting. For the first four, this was their first time doing a official race! Despite of some attacks, the peloton stayed together and a sprint would decide the race. Iris positioned herself in the front the whole day, and also had a nice position going through the last turn. Unfortunately, the sprint was a bit too short for her and she finished 8th. The rest of the girls finished respectable in the peloton.
After this, it was the turn for the men without license. In this race, the focus was on the ranking of Guus. The team leader had enough aid to make something of the race. After a cat and mouse game between the peloton and the leaders of the race, the whole group came together for the last few laps. Positioning yourself in the last turn was essential. After a hectic race, it almost went south in the last turn. Luckily, no one fell and Guus knew to position himself very nice. Because of this, he could make more speed than his opponents and finished first! The national title and his first ranking were in the pocket!
Ruben, Jasper, Hidde and Matteo finished in the top 15. Juan, Thom, Thijmen, Luc, Pelle, Tim and Willem had to be satisfied with finishing in the back of the peloton. The party was already complete, but it didn’t stay with this one result.
During the ladies with license race, Mercurius was represented by Femke and Esmée. After a short time, a duo knew to depart from the peloton. Femke was part of this duo which means she was in a great position. Because of the great teamwork between the duo, they knew to make the gap between them and the peloton even bigger. The gap was so evident that is was clear that these two ladies would be fighting for the win. Unfortunately, even the spectators couldn’t cheer Femke to the win and Marlies van der Lugt won the race. Femke finished second which is a fantastic performance! Esmée managed to finish fourth and a first place in the SWN ranking!
With these results, Mercurius won the SWN ranking for the third year in a row.
Arno, Erwin and Daan participated in the last two categories. They did great, but couldn’t not make a difference. They all finished respectable in the peloton. Fun fact: Adne van Engelen, the only real student world champion, was riding in a Mercurius shirt!
Another day with success, fun and a sun! Thank you for this nice closing of the season and on to an even greater season in 2019!

N.S.S.V. Don Quichote

Last year, our fencing club NSSV Don Quichote celebrated its 75th jubilee, by organizing a national fencing competition. That went so well, that we decided to make it an annual competition. So yesterday, the 1st Keizer Karel Tournament was a fact!
Getting the hall ready with 12 fencing pistes always takes some time and hard work. You can find a time lapse here:
A lot of fencers participated: the tournament was open to fencers on all 3 weapons (épée, foil and sabre), and in total nearly 100 fencers subscribed, of which 18 were fencers from Don Quichote. Even some of our newer members were competing! The general level of fencing was very high, and therefore we are proud to say we could keep 4 medals in Nijmegen. On épée, our club member René Lafleur did well and managed to score a bronze medal. Another bronze medal was given to foilist Ashley Ophorst. And our sabre men Béla Roesink and trainer Nico Speelman also got two bronze medals. Besides these great results, our other fencers that went home without a medal also did very well.
Of course we ended the day with some beers in The Yard and a dinner.
The competition was a huge success and we hope to welcome back all fencers, volunteers and supporters next year!
For photo’s, keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page. Also, you can read all about our competition and club at

Vacancies Activity Committee NSSR

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Do you want to make an effort for student sports in Nijmegen, but you don’t have enough time for a board year?

Then maybe you could be the organizational talent for the Activity Committee of the NSSR! Organize awesome sports events together with your committee members and the daily board of the NSSR, like annual tournaments (including the Sportsnight, Racket tournament, dodgeball tournament), or other new sports events.

For the Activity Committee, we are looking for 4 to 6 persons. The Activity Committee has meetings once every few weeks, together with a member of the daily board. Together with the NSSR, you are responsible for organizing awesome sports events.

Interested? visit our office (Room N-1.310, beneath the RSC) and/or mail to

Mega Monday: the sport results from week 38

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This weekend was again an active weekend for the members of NSTV Trion. The Trion triathlon has been held this weekend. Read about their results below!

Did your SSV deliver mentionable sports achievements, send your text no later than Monday 12pm (Dutch and English) and let other people read your sports achievement in a new Mega Monday!

NSTV Trion (triathlon)

Last Friday it was time for the Trion Triathlon again, also known as the “sweetest triathlon ever”. Distances were 600m swimming, 20km cycling and 6km off-road running.

When the starting pistol was fired, over 40 triathletes of all levels  started to make their way to the other side of the water. Trion member Alexander Brennecke was the first to leave the water. During the entire race he stayed ahead of the rest of the field and was the first one to enter the party-area behind the finish. Thomas and Joost were next to arrive.

In the ladies race it was Daniëlle Riem who took the lead early in the race, and went home being champion of the club. Manon and Marleen became second and third so it was a clean sweep for the ladies from the premier league ladies team  of Trion.

Like previous years we had many debutantes amongst the participants. All managed to finish the race so it is fair to say that  not only those who won the prizes can be classified as top-athletes.


All in all it was a very successful triathlon weekend.