Orientation Week
The student sports assocations can use the following during the orientation week:

  • Stand at the opening market
  • Stand at the HAN market
  • Sports Days (you can promote your associations by doing a (playful) activity during the sports day)

Subsidies can be requested from the NSSR for the first two options. For specific information about the application of stands on the markets, please refer to Rob Vaessen from Student Life (024-3612974,

There is also the possibility to make use of the promotional tools of the NSSR:

  • Message on the website of the NSSR
  • Posters / flyers on the NSSR bulletin boards at the Radboud Sports Centre
  • Monitors RSC

Do you want to receive more student sports news? Please send an e-mail to so we can make an inventory of how many international students are interested in receiving our newsletter.

Monitors RSC
The RSC has placed monitors in the sports centre. These screens offer student sports associations the opportunity to promote themselves among all sporting students. A standard template is available for each association (send an e-mail to An association can then complete this template and send it to: He will view the templates and select which ones are suitable for placement on the screens.