Founding an Association

If a group of enthusiastic students decide to set up a new sports association, this has to be done via the NSSR. The NSSR will support the founders in the process of establishing a new student sports association. One condition is that only one association per branch of sport can be a member of the NSSR. If an association wants to be certain of membership of the NSSR, then it will have to be a student sports association that does not yet exist as a student sport in Nijmegen. The establishment of a student sports association takes place in a number of steps.


Step 1: Getting Acquainted
If a group of students decide to set up a new sports association, the NSSR will first schedule an inventory meeting. This meeting has the purpose to view the nature of the application. The NSSR will explain how the process of establishing an association works. Contact will also be made with the Radboud Sports Centre to see if there are facilities options. If the application is approved by the Daily Board of the NSSR and there are facilities possibilities, a second meeting will be held.


Step 2: Discuss Sustainability of the Plan
During this second meeting, the plan of the founders will be reviewed. Furthermore, it will be checked whether the new association can meet the requirements regarding status of prospective membership stated in the Rules of Procedure. In case of imperfections, the plan will be adjusted so that the next step can be made.


Step 3: Approve to Aspiring Association
If Step 2 is completed successfully, the General Meeting will decide whether or not to recognize the prospective member on the basis of an oral explanation from the founders. If the General Meeting approves the establishment of the new association, it will be appointed as Aspirant Association. Special rules apply to Aspirant Associations.


Step 4: Approve to Association
If an aspiring association meets the conditions for Aspirant members for one year, the NSSR will decide to vote in the General Meeting. The General Meeting will vote on the new student sports association’s membership to the NSSR this time. Upon approval by the General Meeting, the Aspiring Association becomes a full member of the NSSR.


For all full members of the NSSR we have a SSA manual, in which all the facts about being a student sports associations in Nijmegen are mentioned.


Do you think about setting up a new sports association? Mail to or feel free to visit our office for an exploratory interview.