The NSSR offers various facilities that associations can use. There are, amongst other things, switch lists. The proper and rapid handling of all incoming mail is also seen as an important task by the NSSR. As a rule, maintaining the facilities is a task of the Secretary of the Nijmeegse Student Sports Council.


You can purchase the Conscribo accounting program at a reduced price via the NSSR. This program makes it harder to make mistakes and gives you a better overview. In Conscribo, you can also keep track of your membership administration. Is your association interested in Conscribo? Take a look at the website for more information and for the application form!


(Offline) Mail
Mail for the NSSR can be sent to Heyendaalseweg 141, 6525 AJ in Nijmegen. Another option is to put the mail in the mailbox of the NSSR, which is located at the exit of the bicycle shed in the sports centre. The postal boxes of the student sports associations can be found here as well. The mail will be processed within a week by the Secretary of the NSSR and mentioned on the mailing list. During the General Meeting, there is a possibility to check whether the mail sent by the associations has actually been processed. Financial mail will be processed in the same way as the other mails.


Student Life
The Student Life department supports the vibrant student life in Nijmegen, both on campus and beyond. They provide financial support when students start studying abroad. They are also responsible for the Radboud University Introduction; organize activities in the field of art and culture together with students; help student organizations with housing, organization and board grants; give grants for activities of student organizations and realize a cultural hall on our campus. Student Life strengthens subsidy to the NSSR and the NSSR distributes these subsidies among student sports associations.


Switch Lists
Each association may use a switch list in the long corridor downstairs in the Gymnasion at the entrances to the changing rooms of the sports halls. In this switch list, promotional material may be posted by the association and for activities organized by the relevant association. Should there be any material for which these switch lists are clearly not intended, board members of the NSSR may at all times remove this.