Below you can find an overview of all sports associations in Nijmegen.


Association Sport E-mailaddress Website
Aeolus Windsurfing
Akris Table tennis
Apeliotes Hockey
BfrisBee2’s Frisbee
B.S.C.N. Bossaball
De Boosters Squash
Dance Fever Dancing
Don Quichote Fencing
Dorans E-sports
FC Kunde Soccer
FEL Survival
Fudoshin Judo
’t Haasje Athletics
Ha-Stu Handball
Heyendaal Volleyball
Hot Shots Nijmegen Floorball
Hydrofiel Swimming & Water polo
Jolly Jumper Horse riding
Kaizen Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Keizerstad Kannibalz Lacrosse
KUNST Gymnastics
Lacustris Ice skating & Skeeleren
Lasya Pole dancing
De Loefbijter Sailing
Mercurius Cycling
Morado CF Indoor soccer
NijSAC Mountaineering & Sport climbing
Obelix Rugby
Phocas Rowing
Profectus Power sport
Radboud Rangers Soft- & Baseball
Radboud Saints Icehockey
SLOW Tennis
Stabilo* Sky-gliding
SkunK Korfball
Stuban Badminton
Trajanum Basketball
Trion Triathlon
Zanshin Jiu-Jitsu


* NSA Stabilo is not a full member of the NSSR and is therefore not included in the 37 SSA’s that are members of the NSSR. NSA Stabilo only uses the promotional possibilities of the RSC and the NSSR.