De elfstedentocht

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NSSR presents: Elfstedentocht

As you undoubtedly know, the RAGweek is approaching fast. This year, the NSSR will once again set up a fun activity to contribute to it, this time in cooperation with NSSV FEL and Bfrisbee2’s, the survival and frisbee associations. Together, we present the Elfstedentocht, but in a spring atmosphere! This year, there was just not enough frost to get the rivers and lakes ready, so this year we will do it on land.

During the Elfstedentocht, a route around the Radboud sports campus will be covered in small groups of four. On this route, 11 fun sports/games activities will be set up on Saturday 10 April from 14:00h onwards, with which high scores can be achieved and, of course, stamps collected. Cool prizes will be awarded for the best performance!


What does the day look like?

13:50 Drop-in
14:00 Welcome
14:10 Start of the event
15:10 Break
16:15 Closing


Registration & Tickets

Registration for the Elfstedentocht is done in groups of 4 via this link. In case of aggravating circumstances it might be necessary to split up the groups in pairs.

Since we are, of course, raising money for charity with this activity, we are not very picky about how we get this money. In short, we are willing to turn a blind eye for a little extra so that you can get some advantages and have a better chance of winning those nice prizes. Below, we have listed the options for you.


Packages: Costs:
Attendance €2,-
Attendance + 3 cheats €3,25
Attendance + 5 cheats €3,75
Attendance + 7 cheats €4,-



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