Mega Monday: the sports results of week 20

Geplaatst op: 20 May 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In the Mega Monday of this week, you can read about the fencing results of NSSV Don Quichote. They attended the NSK Fencing last weekend and were able to set some great results. Read about it in the Mega Monday of week 20!


NSSV Don Quichote

Eleven members of our student fencing club Don Quichote travelled down to Eindhoven for the National Student Championships this past Saturday. Don Quichote was represented by at least one member in five out of the six categories.


Our members fenced very well, and at the end of the day Don Quichote won 7 medals!

Ellen and Ashley won gold in the women’s epee and women’s foil.

Christiaan and Tim won silver in the men’s epee and the men’s sabre.

René, Remco and Noah won bronze in the men’s epee, men’s foil and the men’s sabre.


A big congratulations to all of you!