Recap Sportsnight 2019

Geplaatst op: 24 April 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

It’s Wednesday the 27th of March. It is completely dark in the Radboud Sports Centre, except for the sport halls and multi rooms. Here, different kinds of sports games are being lighted by blacklights. This can only mean one thing: the Sportsnight 2019 has begun!

This year, 16 teams took part at the Sportsnight. More than 100 people could enjoy themselves from 22:00 – 02:00, playing all different kind of sports with only blacklights. During the night, people could enjoy themselves playing lasergame in a hall full of obstacles and they fenced with ‘lightsabers’. Also, Frisbees were being thrown around and people could practice different kinds of pole dancing techniques. Throwing balls in a korfball basket seemed more difficult in the dark, and at the same time, rowers were being yelled to the finish line on the ergometers. Next to that, thrilling games of Mario Kart were being played, knots balls flew through the whole room, and finally, a fun and tough judo game was played in the Dojo. In short, an enormous spectrum of fun sports!


The 16 teams went head to head and battled to win that desirable winners title and prize. Eventually, the team ‘Hard en Nat in het donker’ knew to win and take that precious prize: a free round of laser gaming at Laserquest Nijmegen.


Back to a great Sportsnight and we hope you enjoyed yourselves just as much as we did.


Special thanks to:

  • Rein Wieringa for taking pictures
  • Laserquest Nijmegen for sponsoring the prize for the winner
  • Veluwe Actief & Nijmegen Actief for lending us the stuff for laser gaming.
    We definitely recommend checking their Facebook and website!