Mega Monday: the sports results from week 12

Geplaatst op: 25 March 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

This week, the performances of the BFrisBee2’s and NSSV Don Quichote are in the Mega Monday. The BFrisBee2’s had the opening of the outdoor competition and Don Quichote came in action during the Bosch Open.



Good to be back outside for the first day of the outdoor competition! Pictured here is open team 1 after they won all their games with a squad of 9 to secure promotion to division 2. Even bigger kudos to open team 2 who won their last game with just 6 players on the field!

A great opening of the outdoor competition!


NSSV Don Quichote

On Saturday the fencers of NSSV Don Quichote competed on sabre and epee at the Bosch Open in Den Bosch. With success! Ellen Obster won the tournament for the senior women’s epee category. She won every bout in the poule which resulted in a first place ranking for the eliminations. She continued her winning streak and won the final with 15-8 from Linda Jans (Schermclub Den Bosch). The other fencers from Don Quichote managed to get three T16 finishes, two T32 finishes and one T64 finish.