Mega Monday: the sports results from week 5

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In this week’s mega Monday, you can read all about the extraordinary achievement from a member of NSRV Phocas, the Nijmegian derby between NSKV SkunK and Keizer Karel and finally about the results from NSSV Don Quichote at the biggest student fencing tournament of Europe in Paris.


NSRV Phocas

Last week, NSRV Phocas got some pleasant news. At the 28th of January, the scullselection of the Dutch Rowing Team has been announced. Here it was made public that of the members of Phocas, Koen Metsemakers, made the team of the Men’s Quad! Earlier this year, the Men’s Quad was proclaimed as priority during the Olympic Games (for which the qualifications will be at the World Championships in 2019), so we are of course very proud!


Last Saturday, student korfball club SkunK 1 played a derby against another club from Nijmegen which is at the top of the league: Keizer Karel 1. Keizer Karel 1 started better than SkunK (4-0) but the students from SkunK were able to make a comeback. They didn’t give up and at the end they were able to tak the win with a final result of 13-15! This has been one of their best achievements this year.


NSSV Don Quichote

Last weekend, the annual X-Systra tournament took place in Paris. This student fencing tournament is traditionally seen as the biggest of Europe. Students from all levels are taking part at this tournament. Two members, Thomas Nijsen (saber) and Ashley Ophorst (foil), of Don Quichote were there as well, and with success.

On Friday, there was an individual tournament. Thomas was able to progress from the qualifying rounds. In the following elimination rounds, he was able to win the first one with 15-13, but unfortunately lost the second one with 15-10. He became 23th out of the 49 contestants which is a great result!

Ashley wins all her qualifying games and after being given immunity, she was able to win the next two games with 15-2 and 15-13. She just came short for competing for the medals, since she lost the quarter-final with 15-8. She eventually ended 5th.

On Saturday, the team competition took place. Thomas performed with saber and formed a team with two fencers from the UvA and a fencer of the Imperial College London. They were able to reach the semi-final, but unfortunately lost against who eventually became the winners of the whole competition. Unfortunately, they also lost the battle for the bronze medal and ended in the 4th place.

Ashleys team consisted of fencers from the UvA, University of Mainz and the University of Tübingen. They also reached the semi-final but just came short and lost 45-44. Nevertheless, they were able to win the battle for the bronze medal and ended 3rd!

Don Quichot ended a great weekend with a prom-party and a lot of fireworks. Next year, they will definitely be found in Paris again!