Mega Monday: the sports results from weeks 3 and 4

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In this Mega Monday deluxe, the sports results of not 1, but 2 weeks will be highlighted. You can read about the regional cupfinal that NSZV Ha-Stu won, the results of NSWV Mercurius at the NSK cyclocross, and finally you can read how NSAV ‘t Haasje performed at the NSK Cross in Amsterdam.



Wednesday the 16th of january, a (traditional) Ha-Stu party took place, because the 1st men team of Ha-Stu won, just like the last 4 year, the final of the regional cup. After the wins on Celeritas from Utrecht (27-24), and NHC (310-30), was it HV Huissen’s turn to get wiped by the stars of Ha-Stu. The tension was set by Jorik Hof in the Gelderlander, who announced the big turn up at the game.

At 20:30 in sports hall De Brink in Huissen, the cup final started with completely stuffed stands. Remarkable was that the biggest part of the stand was full with 50 blue-yellow Ha-Stu supporters that journeyed to support the men of Ha-Stu to the win. The men from Ha-Stu felt the pressure which resulted in a fast losing position of 0-4. But as experienced as they are, they knew how to flip the game and they got to an equal score when the first half was done.

During the break, coach Leon gave them a speech telling them to be more efficient with their chances. They took this speech seriously and were able to create a comfortable lead during the beginning of the second half. They became sloppy after, which resulted that they let Huissen come back to a difference of only one goal. In the final phase of the game, the men of Ha-Stu knew how to pull the game in to their hands and the final score became 22-27. A party broke loose in the sports hall which resulted in the needed voacal classics and beers.

The 8th finals will be played on tuesday the 12th of february in the Radboud Sports Centre. the opponent is still unknown, but it will be a top 4 team from the premier league or a BeNe-league team. The third cup party of the season is approaching, so jot it down in your agenda and stay tuned for more info!

NSWV Mercurius

N.S.W.V. Mercurius, the student cycling club from Nijmegen, was present at the Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross at Tilburg on Sunday the 20th January 2019. This championship was organised by T.S.W.V. De Meet, where the track of the local cycling club Pijnenburg was used for the races. Mercurius travelled to Tilburg with a big group of participants and fans.

Prior to the Dutch National Student Championships, the local championship (Open Tilburgs Championship) took place. At this championship some Mercurius-members participated including: Dennis Hobbenschot (Finished: 4th), Jason Scheurs (5th), Yarince Martis (6th), Lieke Wijnbergen en Iris Willemsen (shared 1ste place). All participants finished the race without major injuries.

The first category at the Dutch National Student Championships was for men without license. The small peloton was dominated by Mercurius-members. In this category started; Guus Schutte, Joost van Wijngaarden, Remi van Oosterhout, Harold Ottens and Luc Vraets. Guus only had one job during this race. He had to prolong his Dutch Nationial Student Title of last year. After the start, it was soon clear that the race would be a contest between three rides, including Guus Schutte and Joost van Wijngaarden. While the last round started, it would turn out in an exciting contest! In the last technical part of the track, Guus Schutte took a lead and accelerated to his second Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross (without license) title! Joost van Wijngaarden finished behind Guus as third and the rest of the Mercurius finished a few minutes later; Remi van Oosterhout (6th), Luc Vraets (7th) and Harold Ottens (8th).

Next up were the men and women with license and the women without license. Mercurius had just two participants in the category women with license; Femke de Vries and Lotte Koopmans. In the category women without license, Siobhan Schleijpen was the only Mercurius participant. During the race for women with license, it was soon clear that Lotte Koopmans was going to win the Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross! She won the race with a solo ride, Femke de Vries finished 4th and Siobhan Schleijpen finished 5th.

Mercurius had a wonderful day in Tilburg with two Dutch National Student Championship Cyclocross titles in different categories. The day ended with a few beers for the participants!

NSAV ‘t Haasje

Last Saturday, the NSK cross took place in Amsterdam. 17 hares went to Amsterdam for this event. There was a lot of mud and a hill that you had to climb 3, 6 or 9 times, so a very though trail. ‘t Haasje was very succesful with a 1st and 2nd place for the women and a 2nd and 3th place for the men!