Mega Monday: the sports results from week 2

Geplaatst op: 14 January 2019 | Categorie: Geen categorie

Last weekend, Trion went to Egmond for their bikkelweekend. Read below how they wore themselves out on this trainings weekend.

As a yearly Trion tradition, a large delegation of Trionners went to Egmond last weekend. The weekend started on the bikes on saturday with a beachrace of 38 kilometers. With the mountainbike they cycled from Egmond to IJmuiden and back  while enjoying the strong wind and (sometimes) mullet sand. For most bikers this was not enough so next day they joined the runners for a 10 kilometer race or half marathon. Unfortunately , the wind had become stronger. After the first seven kilometers on the beach, the runners continued their way through the rolling dunes and finally ended with some kilometers where the wind came straight from the front. Although the legs felt tired, the feet still came of the floor at the blarenbal (blisterball).