Mega Monday: de sports results from week 50

Geplaatst op: 19 December 2018 | Categorie: Geen categorie

In this weeks Mega Monday, the sports results from 2 student sports clubs. Read about how SkunK had a 100% winstreak this weekend and about how ‘t Haasje performed at the NSK Trappenloop they organized theirself!


Last weekend was very succesful for student korfball club SkunK. Every weekend team has won their match. Saturday SkunK 1 played against Reehorst 1 in Ede. They won with a final result of 20-22. Right now, SkunK has got the thirth place in the 3th class. SkunK 2 played against another Student Korfball Club in Wageningen: Débaldérin 1. They won convincingly, 8-18. Last but definitely not least SkunK Ladies 1 won against Spoordonkse Girls 1 with a great 15-9. Because they have won, they now have a bigger chance to be the champion in the first class. SkunK is pleased with these results and they will enjoy their well deserved christmas holidays.

NSAV ‘t Haasje

Last friday the one and only NSK trappenloop took place in the Erasmusbuilding in Nijmegen! This event was organised by ‘t Haasje and a lot of participants came to participate. Joost van Wijngaarden was really sucesfull again and won both distances: the 10 and 20 floors! At the 10 floors, our member Nadim also ended in the top 3. The relay and beerchase at the end were also a lot of fun!